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STORÉON is an ensemble of experienced and diverse artists, technologists, management and leaders all united in our endeavor to deliver world class entertainment.

ANNIE KIM:          Co-Founder & Chairwoman


Ms. Kim is the founder and President of HANS Holdings of South Korea and co-founder of STORÉON. A highly respected real estate and entertainment development professional, Ms Kim brings her wealth of knowledge to the oversight of STORÉON.

Nicholas Cooper:          Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer


A member of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Televisions Arts, Nicholas is the co-founder of STORÉON. An award winning producer / director / writer with over 20 yrs experience creating engaging entertainment productions across multiple platforms for Marvel, Sony, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Hasbro, CBS and more.

Olivier Katz:          Head of Production & Producer


Olivier Katz brings over 30 years of production leadership experience in entertainment, television, marketing and media companies. A producer and executive producer of films, TV, Commercials and Experiential, Olivier garnered numerous national and international awards at Cannes, Clio’s, and Sundance to name a few.

Kyle Thomas Reid:          Senior Creative Director


Kyle is a former Creative Director / Producer / Writer for Walt Disney Imagineering. A creative leader with a passion for storytelling  experience in a wide range of mediums including theme parks, novels, and video games. Excited to lead talented teams on complex projects, especially those utilizing built environments and new technologies to tell meaningful stories. Driven by a love of narrative and a passion for experiences that move us.

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